‘m involved in several organizations and programs that are doing some amazing work in the world of education. Below is a brief description of those in which I have taken a leadership role:

  • Arcadia Connected Learning Network and Certificate Program: I am currently working on developing this certificate program with an incredible team of educators and practitioners (Meenoo Rami, of #Engchat fame and currently a manager at MinecraftEDU, and Christina Cantrill Associate Director of the National Writing Project), set to launch this summer.  It is an interdisciplinary certificate program for educators of all types (from consultants to K-12 teachers) that aims to provide learners with a theoretical framework for understanding connected learning along with practical methods for innovating, problem-solving, and engaging in connected, participatory learning experiences and environments using digital technologies and face-to-face networking strategies.  It is part of a larger network of programming on Connected Learning.

Other education-related groups that I’ve been involved at some level and are are equally incredible include:

FOOD JUSTICE (& Chocolate!)

Besides education, I’m also involved in the food justice movement through my work with John and Kira’s (the artisinal chocolate company that my husband and I founded in 2000, and that he now runs).

My role has always been to think about how we can connect with and support the Philadelphia community (since I am a Philly girl, born and raised). We are a “socially responsible company,” and our focus has been primarily on supporting family farms, urban farming, and education.

Below are of the great people and organizations we’ve collaborated with over the years to build a healthy community along with building a strong business.



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