New Book! Transformative Teachers: Teacher Leadership and Learning in a Connected World


I am excited to announce the publication of my new book, Transformative Teachers: Teacher Leadership and Learning in a Connected World (Harvard Education Press). Building off of the positive energy and interest that was generated by my Transformative Teacher Profile blog post series in 2015, this book is meant to shine a light on the critical ways that teachers take the lead in transforming their schools and communities and provide a guide for educators and allies on how to organize for equity and social justice in education in this digitally connected era. To buy the book, click here.

Read on for more about the book and how to get involved in reader communities.


Ways to get involved

  • Join a Book Club:
  • Save the date: Saturday, September 9th: Connect-Create-Transform Book Launch & Curriculum Hackathon Event – Start of the new school year with an infusion of energy, hope, and ideas! Meet transformative teachers from around the country, share curricula, practices, and participate in a giant curriculum hackathon to create relevant, innovative, and engaging curricula for your students.
  • Show your support and passion for Transformative Teaching:  Transformative Teacher Mug
    •   Transformative Teacher” Mugs, T-Shirts, and other gear –  profits go to the teacher-led professional network groups profiled in the book (EdCamp, Philadelphia Education Fund’s Teacher Network Program, #EduColor, and more)
    • Share stories of teacher-powered transformation using #TeachersTransform on Twitter

What’s in the book

Transformative Teachers offers an insightful look at the growing movement of civic-minded educators who are using twenty-first-century participatory practices and connected technologies to organize change from the ground up. The book highlights the collaborative, grassroots tactics that teachers are implementing to transform their profession and pursue greater social justice and equity in education. Readers will learn about how to cultivate transformative teacher leadership in the digital era. In addition, the book profiles fifteen transformative teachers who are changing the face of education, features three case studies of organizational allies (Edcamps, the Philadelphia Education Fund, and the Connected Learning Alliance), and includes insights from a wide range of educational leaders. A guide to the norms and practices of innovative educators, Transformative Teachers offers a clear and compelling vision of the potential for grassroots change in education.

Praise for Transformative Teachers

Baker-Doyle captures stories of true transformative teachers, and outlines how they, and others, can take up thoughtful practices that will change lives for the better” –Bud Hunt, Teacher, Clearview Library District, CO

In contrast to so many of the portraits and reports in the mainstream media, Kira Baker-Doyle provides an optimistic view of the teaching profession and the possibilities for its transformation through the leadership of teachers themselves.” –Dr. Katherine Schultz, Dean, School of Education University of Colorado-Boulder

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