Coming up on Kira’s Blog: EduCon, Guest Bloggers, Transformative Teachers, and More

coming-soonLots of great posts and series coming up in the next few months on this here blog! Read below for some of the highlights:

EduCon: EduCon, an UnConference in Philly on educational innovation, hosted by Science Leadership Academy, is this weekend. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, live tweeting, and leading a conversation on rethinking models of teacher education in a connected world. I’ll post updates on the conference and the conversation.

Transformative Teacher Profiles: I’ll profile several more Transformative Teachers over the next month or so, including: teacher-activist Anissa Weintraub, teacher-researcher Noga Newberg, and teacher-writer Latricia Whitfield. The Transformative Teacher Series will be posted on Mondays – so if you love them, make sure to tune in then.

New Series: Educational Thought Leaders (Guest Bloggers!): In February, I’ll start a new series on the blog. I’m inviting  “Educational Thought Leaders” to write a guest post on my blog about their work. Kira, just what is an “Educational Thought Leader”, you ask? An Educational Thought Leader is someone whose critical and innovative work pushes us think differently about education. On the docket for this series so far:

  • Hello Mundo: A Tool to Connect Learners with Living History – Paul Skilton-Sylvester
  • Reflections on Schooling Hip-Hop: Expanding Hip-Hop Based Education Across the Curriculum – Emery Petchauer
  • Educating Teachers to be Strategic Networkers – Sara Van Waes
  • Keeping them Honest: Using Data Visualization to Track School Resources –  Meredith Broussard
  • The Writing-Based Curriculum – Leif Gustavson
  • Connected Learning in the Digital Age – Christina Cantrill
  • Identity Development of Youth Activists – Sonia Rosen

This series will run on Wednesdays. If you know of an “Educational Thought Leader” that would be interested in being a guest blogger, please let me know!

In the works: EduTweet Global Project. I’ve been working with Corinne Campbell of EduTweetOz to establish an international group of “Tweeting Teachers” to be part of this exciting project. We will rotate between teachers around the world; each teacher will have a week to tweet about what teaching and learning is like where they live – take pictures, videos and share posts about their work. We’ve got folks ready to participate in Belgium, Singapore, Australia, the U.S.A, and more.  If you are a teacher and would like to take part in this project, or know others who would be interested please contact me @kjbd on twitter. More on this soon…


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