A 20/20 view of Teaching in 2020

3D glasses

Many of the pre-service and experienced teachers that I work with are surprised when I tell them that teaching as they know it will be radically different within the next 5-10 years. I just have to look at how my 8 year old learned to make a rainbow loom bracelet (by googling videos of kids’ DIY videos, and even making one of his own in response), to know that the way we understand things like expertise, authorship, and “facts” are changing, and as educators, we need to begin experimenting and learning in this new ecology of connectedness in order to be able to best facilitate student learning.

Often, I start the discussion by sharing three videos that offer “hmm…” moments for many of the teachers. Below, you will find these videos. Feel free to watch, share, explore, comment and interrogate. They are meant to start a questioning conversation, not to give a specific answer. Enjoy the view!

Video 1: The Global One-Room Schoolhouse – John Seely Brown Lecture

Video 2: What is Connected Learning? From http://www.connectedlearning.tv

Video 3: The Machine is Us/ing Us – Dr. Michael Wesch video


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