All Good Things Must Come to an End: Final Reflection

When times get stressful, its reflections like these that remind me why I do what I do. What a wonderful story of learning and transformation by a soon-to-be teacher!

Whatever Happened to D'Nealian?

When I look back at ED 605 and this semester in general all I can think of is how eye opening it was.  I’ve been in graduate school at Arcadia since 2011 and in all my time in the education program I have not had a semester that taught me more about actually being a teacher than this one.  I met more peers, made personal connections, learned multiple strategies, and most importantly got a real world taste of what my career as an educator could entail.  

One of the biggest ideas I stuck by this semester was “think about it from the students side.”  In pervious semesters I hadn’t really been asked to create a ton of lesson plans nor was I asked to run these lesson plans in front of an entire class so when I was creating lessons I was doing it to simply complete the assignment…

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